Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring in Purple and Yellow

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Background paper, ribbon, and flower elements for this background provided by With a Russian/Dutch Heart Design


Kindra said...

Oh my goodness! I was bored here at work and decided to google for blog backgrounds and found your site. I look off to the right and you have my backgrounds site listed!!!(kindra's blogging designs). I was very excited. I havn't done anything for awhile. I need to get back into it. You do an excellent job. I'll make sure to add your site to my blog!

Simply Blog It said...

Thanks very much! Glad you could "stop by." :) I'm happy to have your link on my site; your work is awesome. TIA for adding my link, as well. I appreciate it lots!

J said...

Really wonderful backgrounds her!!

I promise...I´ll be back....very soon!

(I LOVE "Happy spring" ....)

Thank you, for making my day!

//Jenny (-:

Simply Blog It said...

Thank you! Hope to have you visit again soon.