Monday, February 9, 2009

Random Fun

Image Code:

Image Code:

Code: background-image:url(;background-position: center; background-repeat:no-repeat; background-attachment: fixed;

Post Divider Code:

Background papers and flower elements for this background provided by Summertime Designs


Anonymous said...

omg ive been trying to edit my layout for days..and finally i did it! thanks a lot!

Jessica said...

I love this background, I'm just wondering if you can make a matching blog divider? I didn't see that you've done any of those, And I sure don't know what it takes. You one talented girl!! Way cute designs!

Jessica said...

You truely are amazing. No time flat!! Thanks a bunch!! Can't wait to get it all on my blog!!

Grace said...

I love "random fun"! how (or where) do I add a post divider code?

Simply Blog It said...

Sorry I don't have instructions up--I need to do that! :) There are great instructions here:

You can just start with step #5.

Also, if your dividers run into the text above them, try the following:

A little below the place where you put in the code for the divider image, you will see this code:
.post-footer {
margin: .75em 0;

Immediately under this, add a line that says this:

Where the ? is, add whatever number you'd like. You can play around with it by using the "preview" button to see what each change makes it look like.

Hope this helps. Happy blogging!

Grace said...

perfect! thank you SO much! also, my hubby found a background for his blog on your site last's hard to find manly ones! you're awesome!

Laurie said...

Another beautiful background!! You are just awesome! You are my "Go to" place because I just love the beautiful designs you have.

Laurie said...

Hi Jennifer, I really am "eyeing" this one as my Mid-May blog facelift. Could you let me know if you might have time/inclination to make it work for 3col Minima? I would also LOVE to have a matching button. I prefer the header with the solid center because my Titles will show up cleaner, if that works for you.