Thursday, February 5, 2009

Headers are Here!

I am slowly beginning the process of adding headers to some of my backgrounds. Hooray! If you are using a background and would like a matching header, please leave a comment on that background and I'll try to get one up for you.

For instructions on how to add these headers to your computer, please see the sidebar.

Thanks, and enjoy!!


samanthastarns said...

I am a big traveler, and I wanted something more classic and old-world adventure. Something with rich, old colors (the kind you find on those old pirate maps and such) and maybe a compass halfway showing in the bottom right corner. I don't know if you still make headers, but I thought I'd comment to see. Thanks!

Simply Blog It said...


I DO still make headers, but I am currently taking a break (please see This is a totally fun idea but I'm just not able to take custom requests at this time--I am SO sorry!!!!

Thanks so much for your understanding!